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Malama Soaps

Ānuenue Bar

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Ānuenue in Hawaiian means "rainbow."

The colors in this bar were achieved naturally with food powders and infusions. 

The beige/green tint that is in the entirety of the bar is from locally sourced basil that was dried and powdered. The purple color is from alkanet root, and the yellow is from annatto seeds.

This bar is more cleansing than moisturizing, therefore, if you're more prone to dry skin, I do not recommend this soap.

The soap top is decorated with locally soured gomphrena flowers and poppy seeds.

This soap is unscented.

Ingredients: Saponified oils of olive, coconut, grapeseed and avocado, local basil, annatto seeds, alkanet root, local gomphrena flowers and poppy seeds.