Mango Pack
Mango Pack

Mango Pack

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This mango pack is great for mango lovers!

Includes four items:
1 x 2 oz Lihing Mango sugar scrub
1 x 4.5 oz Young Green Mango bar soap
1 x 0.3 oz Young Green Mango lip balm
1 x 2 oz Young Green Mango hand sanitizer

There's all two different types of mango smells in this pack: Young Green Mango and Lihing Mango.

Young Green Mango smells exactly like its name! A young, not ripe mango smells tart and tangy. This scent is available in the lip balm, soap, and hand sanitizer! 

Lihing is a sour plum powder that is popular in Hawai'i, usually found sprinkled on dried/dehydrated fruits. It is kind of like Mexican Tajin, but without the chili flakes!

Buying as a bundle is a $5.50 savings!