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Malama Soaps

Tiare Tahiti Scrub Bar

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Exfoliating level/Exfoliator: Mild, Poppy seeds

For use of: Hand and Body

Scent description: Tahitian Gardenia (Tiare) flower, very strong floral scent

Product weight: Approximately 3.5 oz

Product Description: Indulge your senses in the intoxicating allure of a Tiare-scented exfoliating soap, a sensory journey that transports you to the lush landscapes of Tahiti. As the water cascades over your skin, the soap's delicate granules, infused with the essence of Tahitian gardenia flowers, gently embrace your senses. The fragrance unfolds like a floral symphony, with the heady notes of Tiare, a mesmerizing Tahitian gardenia, weaving through the air. Close your eyes, and envision yourself strolling through vibrant, sun-dappled gardens, surrounded by the lush greenery of paradise. The exfoliating poppy seeds, exfoliates your skin, revealing a newfound radiance beneath. Each use is a luxurious ritual, transforming your daily shower into a pampering escape. Envelop yourself in the sweet, intoxicating embrace of Tiare, and let the exotic essence of this exquisite flower elevate your self-care routine to a sublime experience.

Instructions for use: Wet bar soap under running water, apply directly on the skin to feel exfoliation. Lather and rinse. 

Ingredients: Saponified oils of Olive, Coconut and Grapeseed, Zinc Oxide (for color and soothing properties), Poppy Seeds

Disclaimer: The soap has not been tested in a lab, therefore there is no guarantee as to how much of the benefits of any food powder or essential oil (if any) survived the saponification process. These soaps are made with the intention of cleaning and make no medical claims. Shade of color and design may vary per bar as they are handcrafted and made in small batches.