Handmade in Hawai'i

Handmade, handcrafted, from scratch, artisan cold process soaps. Feel the difference on your skin. Fragranced and All-Natural collections available.

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  • Tiare Tahiti Exfoliating Soap Bar

    The best selling scent in the shop is by far Tiare Tahiti. The floral scent that takes you back to the islands. Tiare is a single petaled flower, a member of the gardenia family. Take something home in this scent today. Available in soap, body butter, and sugar scrub.

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  • Rose Clay Bar Soap

    This all natural bar is unscented, made simply with Olive oil and Coconut oil. The pink color is from rose kaolin clay, which the bar gets its name. This gentle cleansing and conditioning bar is suitable for face and body, and genle enough for babies.

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  • Kanekoa Collection Soaps

    Produce that would have otherwise been returned to the earth have been reborn and given an extension in life in the form of soaps. The soaps in the Kanekoa Collection are very seasonal and limited, tied to the crop of the season. All produce used to make soap in the Kanekoa Collection are produce grown locally on Kanekoa Farms in Waimanalo.

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